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Re: Giant's Flail

Post by rijackson741 »

Maximum DM is not always useful. It means only one hit per round, which does not work well if you are being mobbed by a large number of monsters with low HP.
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Re: Giant's Flail

Post by CKork »

Can we have a nova sorc? :twisted: ah wait, no magic. ;)
Good ol' Diablo 2 times.

But what about low damage area of effect weapons. E.g. the whip could be used to fling it around you 360° with a range.
And if it only where viable for dung flies and bats, it'd still be fun :twisted:
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Re: Giant's Flail

Post by JaSP »

Tomcat wrote: Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:58 am I've used it for testing a theory, that with high enough stats and enough speed potions, you can kill the Nightmares with the Giant's Flail.
This flail is not needed to kill a Nightmare. If you understand the game mechanics, a good combat strategy is enough.
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Re: Giant's Flail

Post by Lacrom »

Tomcat wrote: Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:16 pm It's deliberately set so you cannot use it without potions, no matter what gear or skills you have.
Well, I believe it is now possible to use it without potions, thanks to the Yczorah nucleus :D
with the +2 AP the YN provides, the Giant's Flail can be used by dual wielding it with the YN, even without Marrowtaint or JoF !
I tried it a little bit, and while it isn't useful, I must admit I enjoyed killing an beetle by dealing 836 dmg :lol:
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