Ideas for The Next Meeting

Unstructured ideas, requests and suggestions for the development of the game.
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Re: Ideas for The Next Meeting

Post by pablomartinez »

Hi Everybody!

I am new in the forum.

I have been working in a fork on the game that integrates the usage of figures using NFC or QR codes. It uses Twinsprite, a service that stores your toys data and links it to a unique code (I am part of the dev team). It is only for demo purposes and requires include internet (I think it is a rejected feature) and NFC privileges in the app, and promotes the usage of custom characters ( it similar to include classes, I think it is a rejected feature too). I explain it in detail in this post ... -game.html

I would like to know if the community find value in any of the features I have implemented.

Tanks everybody :)
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Re: Ideas for The Next Meeting

Post by sdevaney »

This is really neat. Thanks for including AT. I am going to mess with this right now.
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