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Bogging down badly on tablet...

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Bogging down badly on tablet...

Post by Grawmpy »

I don't know if this would classify as a bug but when I'm in one specific area where the monsters are constantly on the move during combat, when there are many moving it slows down combat considerably. There is a cave in the north on the way to Remgard with a bunch of monsters that are constantly moving. When I'm in this cave, on the lower two levels (more so on the bottom than any others), the monsters all seem to have to move before it will do a strike and each and every strike can take ten to fifteen seconds to complete. Every strike. I have a tablet with Android 12 and it says it has a ums312 Quad Core with 3Gb of ram. Surely that should be enough to play the game. So far this one area is the only thus far that bogs down this badly, so much so that I avoid the area as much as possible because of eating so many resources. I have had my tablet freeze it was so bad.
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Re: Bogging down badly on tablet...

Post by Nut »

Did you switch off already the setting "High quality filter"?
This might help
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