Level required to reach Remgard

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Level required to reach Remgard

Post by Setonix »

e done most of the quests and decided to find my way to Remgard. However I cant get through the spiders. They are simply too string. Did about 5 levels of grinding in the beetle area where i can sleep but even at level 40 with 110 health and 59 attack damage and 67 block chance and 238 attack chance i simply cant get through. At level 40 i got the first level of pure blood skill which also is not enough.

What level is required to make that trip with what skills at the least?

Btw i havent finished the green maze area either. Not sure if that is easier
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Re: Level required to reach Remgard

Post by rijackson741 »

The Green maze is harder than Remgard.

67 BC is kind of low. It means that they are very likely to hit you, and that is bad, because of the nasty actor conditions. You need to reduce the chance that they can hit you. Get more BC, either by equipment (Ring of the Protector would be a good choice), or level ups. A skill that would help is Evasion, but you need three levels to really get the benefit. Then you have a 100% chance of successfully fleeing.

What weapon are you using?

You can certainly get to Remgard at level 40.
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Re: Level required to reach Remgard

Post by James Doakes »

I made it there today at Lv35, with about 99HP, 196AC, 13-23AD, 6DR and just 36BC. And with a decent stock of bonemeal potions and meat.
The debuffs are near constant but I get through it if I pay attention to the HP bar. ;)

My style, though, is Quickstrike dagger+Jewel of Fallhaven+Villain's rings (, which normally allows 5 attacks per round).
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Re: Level required to reach Remgard

Post by gbro »

Well since I ran into this old post I'll brag that I did it at lvl 25 :mrgreen:

However it was hellish, I did it by saving before almost every attack: hit, run, save and repeat and despite that I had to use all my bonemeal (20? 🤔), potions and almost all food.

I actually began it as a joke, I said let's see if I can last half a screen :mrgreen: (I had not even chosen between Unzel and Vacor yet, which I knew was required for a Remgard quest - I actually first learned about Remgard while looking for advice on who to choose)

Then though I found the monsters above the mountain surprisingly approachable, so I got pulled in 😔

The tough part was indeed the underground one, with the spiders and their conditions, and (even more) the Irdeghs in the beginning (ESPECIALLY the last one).

Most of the other enemies were surprisingly easy to beat with my DR6 equipment.

Having never spent a level-up on BC though, the conditions hit hard 😏 (well I actually had stupidly spent a skill point on Dodge early on)

I'm now trying to get back at lvl 30 and DR8, I'll post an update on how it goes (getting around the lake was a breeze, although the Arulir mountain is still unviable - well at least I got bored at the first Golden Arulirs).
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