New beta for v0.8.4

Official news about Andor's Trail.
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New beta for v0.8.4

Post by Nut »

Hello fellow adventurers,

here is a new beta for v0.8.4 with bugfixes, translations and little enhancements:
  • The export/import is enhanced: The worldmap, which consists of many small png files, is handled now as a zip file. This is more convenient and much quicker.
  • Fixes of several little bugs and typos
  • Especially the Pangitain break should be fixed now
  • Many map fixes and changes, most of them in the new area towards Sullengard and the haunted forest
  • And as always we actualized the translations
Although there is no new content we would appreciate you to check if the release is stable. Then we have our mind free for the next content release.

Here is is the link on our server: ... .4beta.apk

The beta is a separate APK now, so you can have both (beta and product version) parallel in your device. New Android versions will keep the savegames of beta and prod.version separate too.
Keep in mind that savegames of a beta version will not work later in any product version!

Have fun :)
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Re: New beta for v0.8.4

Post by HellereSonnen »

Thanks for continuous work! Just tested quickly two things. Import files works. Pangitain freeze is fixed, i knew he cant yet be sclerotic, he is wise.
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Re: New beta for v0.8.4

Post by Lucciola »

Thanks Dev Team!
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Re: New beta for v0.8.4

Post by RaptorNXT »

Thanks, Team!
Working well 👍😊


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