Have you created a map?

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Re: Have you created a map?

Post by Ian »

Wow, good job Moerit! Have you already sent em to Oskar?If not, you really should cause they look MAGNIFICENT!

Keep up your great work!
Mapmaker for Andor's Trail
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Re: Have you created a map?

Post by Moerit »

Thanks for your good words.
I didnt send the maps to Oskar, because first of all i wanted some reflection from this Forum and furthermore i thought that it would be more helpful to contribute maps to directly bind-in - thats why i am still awaiting a response from Tomcat - so i could make the maps fully (and not half) ready.
But if you say that doesnt matter and Oskar has not something better to do i will send the maps to him ..maybe as Christmas present :)


Currently there are 3 Quests in work for this region.
#1 is a easy "get in contact" quest, shall be initiated by Alaun - shall be completable for players around lvl<= 10. Quest is nearly ready
#2 is about the cave in the south (recapture cookbook that was stolen by evil guys(sounds harmless, but it isnt!<spoileralert>)) and will unlock a feature to obtain a new item Gison's Mushroomsoup through collecting empty bottles - shall keep you busy till ~lvl20. Quest is half-ready, work on progress.
#3 is about an unknown potion found in the depth.. you'll have to talk to a lot of people to know what its good for - open end.

Made some changes to the maps:

update: Main changes on Progress, final verion will be released in another thread


Isn't this a thread for collecting maps?
Here is one. Could be used for the citadel or a bigger house in Feygard or something else...
feel free to edit, files can be found here: click me
no quest, no monsters, no scripts. only grafics
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