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Re: Andor's Trail Content Studio [ATCS] - Win/Mac/Linux Content Editor

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On a fresh download in Ubuntu I get the same as Milo Hiroya and I only see a 'dancing' progress bar and message saying "Please wait. Loading your workspace". As root the theme is different and it loads quikcly.
In W10 I just upgraded the java and I get just the same behaviour as in Ubuntu. User cannot run it and the same as in Ubuntu is shown, when running as Admin it starts quickly.
In W10 I tried to copy the configCache file in C:\Users\amdin\AppData\Roaming\Andor's Trail Content Studio\
C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Andor's Trail Content Studio\
but no success. Still cannot run it as user. Solution is easy: run as admin.
Do you have any idea how to solve this to run it as user? Downgrade java?
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