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random item generator

Post by Usirim »

remember the horadrin cube from Diablo?
I like the idea of modifying swords or shields or something when adding them with different items with a low chance for success. More likely should be a destroyed item or decrease of stats or one or more flaws (like low duration)
But there is a problem with the idea: the actual save game system would make it very easy to increase the chances by reloading a save game. So I suggest to have a time delay for the use o such an cube by 5 min or so - linked to a Char or over the whole game.
Since this idea would force an overwork of the whole item system I hink it would be best to make a real big list with nearly any possible combination of items with extra bonus/boni or negative effects and give every item a "drop chance" so the real goodies became as rare as the extraordinary or legendary items.
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Re: random item generator

Post by Tinlyn »

Yes, I remember it and it would be great to have something similar in AT.

A lot of information can be found at several sites like eg on diablowiki.net/Horadric_Cube_Recipes.
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